Why Choose Tia Moore, Broker?

About NextView Home Professionals

Welcome to NextView Home Professionals where passion meets expertise in the dynamic world of real estate. Founded in 2013, our journey began with a shared vision among a group of seasoned professionals determined to redefine the real estate experience. United by a commitment to excellence and innovation, we embarked on a mission to elevate the industry standard and deliver unparalleled service to our clients.

Our story is one of resilience, adaptability, and unwavering dedication to our craft. Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and experiences, creating a synergy that has propelled us to the forefront of the real estate market. From brokers and agents to marketing specialists and analysts, we have assembled a dream team that combines decades of industry knowledge with a forward-thinking approach.

The success of NextView Home Professionals is rooted in our client-centric philosophy. We understand that real estate transactions are not just about properties; they're about dreams, aspirations, and significant life moments. Whether guiding a first-time homebuyer through the exciting journey of homeownership or orchestrating a seamless commercial real estate deal, we prioritize the individual needs of our clients.